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Commodities Brokerage Services

CWBG is a global, multi-asset broker offering clients access to a powerful service by trading commodities. We Have a full-service team that facilitates trading for private and commercial clients. With a wealth of international experience, and a track record of reliability, timeliness and accuracy, we have the capability to match up clients and construct deals in these products:

  • Precious Minerals
  • Natural Gas Liquids
  • Crude Oil/Products

With years of market experience CWBG is more than a broker, We provide a trusted trading ecosystem that enables us to help our clients to achieve success, in a faster and simpler manner. Be empowered to better capitalize on winning market opportunities when you trade smarter with CWB.

Precious Minerals

CWBG is a full service broker in precious minerals and metals which are  rare, naturally occurring elements that have a high economic value. While having value within industry, they are mostly now used as commodities investment instruments which offer an insight into the health of an economy because they are viewed as a relative safe haven during tough economic conditions.

CWG provides trading service in Precious Minerals and Metals including;

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Rhodium
  • Diamond

Natural Gas liquids

We are a leading NGL broker in Ghana, helping you get the maximum returns on your investment. Natural gas liquids are components of natural gas that are separated from the gas state in the form of liquids. Whether it is propane, ethane, or butane commonly used in the production of rubbers, plastics stoves, and fuels for lighters, or propane, NGL is a common and very important product of the oil and gas industry.

Natural gas liquids are classified based on their vapor pressure:

  • Low = condensate
  • Intermediate = natural gas
  • High = liquefied petroleum gas

Additionally, chemical compositions of NGLs are similar, but their applications vary widely. Specifically, the many uses of natural gas liquids include cooking, space heating, and blending NGLs into fuels for vehicles.

NGL Products we broker include:

  • Ethane: Applications of ethane include plastics production and petrochemical feedstock—raw materials fed into an industrial production process to yield a different end product. End-use products include plastics, plastic bags, antifreeze, and detergent.
  • Propane: Applications and uses of propane include residential and commercial heating, cooking fuel, small stoves, and petrochemical feedstock. Some vehicles also use propane as fuel.
  • Butane: Butanes can be blended with gasoline and propane. Products include synthetic rubber for tires and lighter fuel. In its purest form, butane is useful as a refrigerant. Combined with propane, butane becomes liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).
  • Isobutane: Industrial use of isobutane can include refinery feedstock and petrochemical feedstock. End-use products include aerosols and refrigerants.
  • Pentanes: Pentanes are used in natural gasoline and as a blowing agent for polystyrene foam. Pentanes plus, a special category (also known as natural gasoline), is blended with vehicle fuel and exported for bitumen production in oil sands.


Crude Oil/Products

CWBG is a trusted broker of Crude oil and its products, with experience and expertise you can always count on us for your successful trades, we have an unparalleled grasp of crude markets globally, access to extensive infrastructure and longstanding relationships with producers and refiners worldwide.  Oil trading deals with one of the most valuable commodities on earth. Millions of gallons of oil are consumed per day globally. It is one of the most important energy sources in the world: we use it to generate heat, power machinery, fuel transportation and its derivatives are used to produce almost all chemical products from plastics and medicines to detergents and paints. Oil trading is a key activity in the global economy.

Our oil trading Services include crude oil and its derivatives:

  • Light Distillates
  • LPG (Light Petroleum Gas)
  • Gasoline
  • Naphtha
  • Middle Distillates
  • Kerosene/Jet
  • Diesel/Gasoil
  • Heavy Distillates
  • Heavy fuel oil
  • Residuum
  • Wax
  • Asphalt/Bitumen
  • Lubricating oils

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CWBG is a global standard leader in providing commodity trading solutions driven by integrated Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Cloud to serve the value chain across crude oil, natural gas, LNG, refined products, petroleum, chemical, NGL, renewable, power, coal, and other commodity markets.