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Real Estate – Services

We are committed to redefining the real estate narrative with the infusion of smart tech and futurist design by Project managing your Building,  from Construction to the delivery of Quality Building supplies and Property management. We achieve this by practicing excellence, continually innovating and conducting business with integrity and always putting our customers first.

Country Wide Business Group  does the work for you! We locate, purchase, build and renovate the property then find and manage the tenants. You simply invest in a property and monitor your investment from the comfort of your own home.

How does this work?

Property Analysis

Every good real estate investment starts with finding the right property. CWBG has a dedicated team of inventory specialists who review more than 300 properties including lands for sale each week. As we are reviewing each property and asset we have a proprietary list of ideal attributes that we look for in each asset, including the location and appreciation value.  Only about 5% of all land we review qualifies as ideal and those are the lands that we purchase. Our vetting process yields the best houses with the highest margins for return.

After selecting an ideal land, CWBG takes you on a tour of the asset, so you can understand the why and decide if it is the right property for you. This process helps to ensure you get exactly what you want as well as a guarantee on ROI. Click here to request more information.

New Construction

The CWBGG Process is incredibly streamlined when it comes to restoring the properties we acquire. It works so well that we use the same plan when building from the ground up. We maintain the same high-quality results by using many of the same choice products. Our new development process is very standard and straightforward, just like our renovation process. You can rest in knowing that your property will be a sturdy investment with a newly constructed property. We also take on road construction contracts and execute professionally from start to finish, currently working on the development of some roads with the Government in Ghana.

Our team’s skill set covers architectural design & drafting, civil construction, refurbishments, as well as décor. We offer transparent customer service and market-leading pricing for all projects. So, whether for corporate or individual clients, we have the expertise to deliver high-quality construction and meticulous finishing. Click here to request information on how  Country Wide Business Group  helps in building passive-income opportunities from the ground up. 


The fastest way to add value to an investment property is a complete renovation. For Country Wide Business Group , that typically means a new roof, new lighting, new heating and cooling system, updated kitchens and baths, and new floors and walls. We have created a streamlined process to reduce renovation cost and maximize return.

It Starts With The Team: We have our own dedicated team of general contractors and specialists who work exclusively for Country Wide Business Group . This allows us to avoid high outside vendor costs while ensuring the quality of work.

Economies of Scale: Because we renovate so many properties, we have created a system of standard renovations that allow us to supply materials in bulk. For example every home we renovate gets the same quality fixtures in the kitchen and baths. This allows us to buy the fixtures in bulk at discounted rates. It also makes repairs easier because our repair team knows what to expect when they get a repair call.

Protect The Investment: We believe in renovations that reduce long-term headaches for our investors. We put brand new tin roofs and HVAC units in 80% of the buildings we renovate because those fundamental renovations protect our investors for years to come.

Our 3 “M’s” of Rental Property Renovation

Is it a safety must?

Will a tenant pay more for the feature?

Will this reduce long-term maintenance costs?

Need a quote for your renovations? Click Here

Building Materials Supply

We also supply quality building materials at competitive prices from leading manufacturers and suppliers in Ghana. If you are looking for a place you can trust to get the best materials for your building, you can count on CWBG.

These materials include:

  • Nails
  • Mild Steel Rebars
  • BRC Mesh
  • Binding Wires
  • Cement
  • Tiles

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Lettings and Leasing

Leasing is possibly the most critical component for an investment property. You make money on your investment by having a tenant. Therefore, it is critical that you achieve maximum occupancy year-over-year. Our leasing team at CWBG has been marketing and leasing rental property for over 2 years. We assist with finding tenants and ensuring that everything is in place for a successful tenancy, these include:

  • Property Search
  • Commercial leasing
  • Residential leasing

Our property management team takes a customer service approach when it comes to leasing. We currently staff certified real estate agents to serve as our Leasing Agent and find the highest qualified tenants for our rental properties, these agents are available 7 days a week.

Good leasing starts with having a good inventory of properties. Offering higher end properties leads to placing a more qualified tenant and maximizing occupancy rates. Country Wide Business Group  is very careful about the houses we let. We seek properties located in better neighborhoods on better streets and we bring each property's finish quality to the top 10% in the respective neighborhood during our renovation process.

After ensuring that we have the best properties, Country Wide Business Group  follows a proprietary marketing plan for every property in our management portfolio. This plan has been tested and refined over many years and now includes a mix of online and traditional marketing strategies that we believe generate the most quality tenant leads.

We follow up our marketing strategy with a rigorous tenant screening process including background check.  We are very selective about our tenants. We can be selective because our reputation combined with our inventory selection has provided us with a wide pool of potential tenants.

Facilities and Property Management

We ensure the smooth day-to-day running and care of the buildings we manage. These activities span security, space management, utilities & cleaning, health & safety, procurement, and contract management. While delivering on our promise, our experienced team ensures efficiency to unlock the potential and long-term value of our client’s properties. CWBGG, we take care of your investment property like it was our own. Our in-house maintenance team handles all repair tickets. With every repair, CWBG has two goals: make the tenant happy (retention) and protect your investment. Tenants love that our average response time for a repair ticket is less than 48 hours. We also provide 24-hour emergency service for repairs that need to be taken care of immediately.

Our property management team also handles all rental agreements, rent collection, move-in and move-out processing, and evictions when necessary.

Investor Purchase

CWBG has helped guide many investors through the purchase process. It starts with setting investment goals. Our team of advisors work with each investor to set clear investment goals. Depending on your specific objectives (tax relief, long-term buy and hold investment, cash flow, etc.) we will guide you to the right types of properties and then provide inventory options that meet your needs.

Once we have found the right property for you, the expert team at CWBG can walk you through financing options and explain the pros and cons of financing versus cash purchase. Every investor is different, but CWBG has the resources to assist you with your purchase no matter which financing option you decide.

Investor Reporting

CWBG believes in complete transparency with our investors. We consider ourselves partners and we always want you to know exactly what is going on with your property.


Unlock your legacy with country wide real estate! The CWBGG Ghana team looks forward to helping you succeed with top quality real estate investing.