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Light Fittings & Luminaires

CWBG supplies a wide choice of light fittings and luminaires suitable for use in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Our lighting is sourced from leading UK and International manufacturers.

Our extensive range will meet your requirements whether it is for offices, shops, hotels, public buildings, hospitals or airports in fact any project that comes to mind. Our warehouse stocks more than 2,000 products allowing us to meet urgent requirements for quick shipment and offer extremely competitive prices.

Light fitting or luminaire is the device or apparatus which carries the light source and contains the means of connecting the light source to the electricity supply.

At the very simplest, a luminaire can be nothing more than a lamp holder (or light bulb holder) together with a means of attaching it to a wall or ceiling. At the other end of the scale there are strikingly decorative luminaires – chandeliers for example – or complex luminaires which allow the control of the output from the light fittings.


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Lamps, Bulbs & Tubes

CWBG provides a wide range of lamps, bulbs and tubes sourced from the leading electrical product manufacturers for all domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Manufactured by the leading blue chip manufacturers such as Philips, GE Lighting and Sylvania, this range of light sources is the perfect accompaniment to our superb range of lighting products.

CWBG offers a wide range of LED bulbs, LED tubes, GLS incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes, halogen bulbs, HID sodium – metal halide and mercury lamps. All our products can be delivered quickly from our extensive stocks held in our warehouse.

We can also meet all your requirements for the supply of a wide range of fluorescent ballasts, HID power ballasts, lampholders and fluorescent starter switches – all manufactured by the best brand manufacturers. Our available product range include:

LED Bulbs

CWBG offers a wide range of LED energy efficient bulbs incorporating standard GLS type domestic lamps, LED candle bulbs and globe bulbs.

These include B22, E27 and E14 lamp holders in both clear and opal finish.

In addition, a full range of GU10 spot and flood lights, all of which offer instant start and flicker free long life.


Fluorescent Tubes

CWBG offers an excellent range of retro-fit LED tubes – top quality with double ended rotatable power end caps in either T8 or T5 models – these are simply the best.

Energy saving, long life with superb packaging and real value for money.

We also offer a full range of standard fluorescent tubes from Philips and GE Lighting which are suitable for all applications.

All tubes are available in a variety of colours including daylight, coolwhite, warm white and white.

HID Lamps

CWBG is pleased to offer a full range of High Intensity Discharge sodium, metal halide and mercury discharge lamps.

These lamps are suitable for use in a wide range of applications like streetlights, floodlights and high bay luminaires.

All our lamps are manufactured by leading blue chip brands.


Compact Fluorescent Lamps

CWBG offers a full range of energy saving standard CFL lamps with E27 or B22 caps according to your needs.

We supply lamps, bulbs and tubes from leading brand manufacturers like Philips Lighting – certified to British and International Standards.

These products are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure both safety and quality. We are able to consolidate different product ranges from a number of manufacturers into one shipment to minimize our clients’ freight costs and simplify delivery.


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A wide range of indoor and outdoor LED lights:

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