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Oil and Gas-Services

With experience in the oil and gas sector, we offer Maintenance, Repair and Operational (MRO) supplies and services for the Oil and Gas Industry.

Our expertise lies in procurement, scheduling, cost controlling, planning, assuring quality, field & third-party inspections and expediting services. Our understanding in sourcing enhances the analysis, negotiation and evaluation process for clients as well as our suppliers. We provide a variety of products for the oil and gas industry including valves, drilling equipment, pumps, MRO tools and safety products. Our equipment and spare parts are sourced from some of the world’s best brands such as John Crane, Eagle Burgmann, Emerson, amongst equipment. We also work with inspection and repair specialists from across the globe to assist with extending the service life of your equipment.

We make sure that the entire sourcing operation is executed from reliable entities, manufacturers (OEMs) that have a proven track record of supplying reasonably priced and genuine products. Our suppliers are well aware of the regulations & guidelines for the products they serve.

Our employees are qualified and professional across our various offices to make sure that they are able to provide valuable advice and assistance to our customers by offering relevant products to suit their requirements.

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Our products range includes: 

Sealing and Sealing support systems: we supply innovative sealing solutions for demanding oil & gas applications in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors. The range includes API 6A wellhead equipment seal, valve seals, casing head & tubing hanger seals, fracturing pump seals, downhole tools seals.

Pumps and Spares: At CWBG we source and deliver reliable, quality and sustainable Industrial pumps and spare parts that exceed our client’s expectations, we provide you with the best version of what you need, our pumps are available with or without electric motors. Since Industrial Pump & Spare Parts Supply is largely reliant on significant levels of investments in manufacturing facilities, there is an increase in global energy needs and development in oil and gas exploration, energy generation and petroleum refining activities. All such sectors are expected to make available industrial pumps designed to meet the industrial standard and specialized applications. We have made it our trademark to supply you with the best quality pumps and spare parts. 

Gaskets: We supply the highest quality gaskets manufactured in different materials and configurations. Choosing the right material  to suit application and the environment where it will be used is vital. No plant operator wants a leak of toxic or hazardous material that can harm humans and the environment. We aim to provide the perfect fit for you because, using the right types of gasket will help to achieve a reliable seal and prevent leaks from the flange joints.

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Valves: Industrial Valves are an essential piece of equipment within every branch of the manufacturing industry and they are heavily utilized within the oil and gas industry. At CWBG, we offer industrial valves that vary in size and can withhold a range of pressures regulating the flow of semi-solids, liquids and gasses thereby catering to your industry needs.

Filters: Oil and gas filtration specifications are quite diverse.  If you are looking for an oil and gas equipment fabricator who provides a complete range of services from design to shipping, CWBG can help you. We understand the importance of choosing the right filter for oil and gas separation equipment, such as dehydration units and well site separators. We have a qualified team to understand your needs and recommend suitable solutions. Filters are used in just about every equipment package within the oil and gas industry. They are used to remove impurities from different process systems such as fuel gas, glycol dehydration units or glycol dehydrators, oil lubrication, and even the main inlet gas feed to a gas plant. It is essential to use the right filter and maintain it well to increase the overall efficiency of a process and prolong equipment life.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) solutions:  At CWBG we understand how a heating and cooling system can have a direct effect on financial and environmental performance and hence we source reliable spare parts that approve every end users’ expectations. HVAC is vital to today’s lifestyle for various commercial and industrial uses. With constant developments in technology requiring air flow control, the demand for HVAC services has increased which suggests that higher growth within this industry is to be expected. You can always count on CWBG to provide for you the best quality and lasting HVAC solutions.

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MRO (Maintenance Repair Tools & Operation Equipment): Maintenance, Repair and Operations functions in tandem with every aspect of the processing and manufacturing industry in general.  We have the expertise to procure all MRO tools and spares for our clients keeping in mind their changing requirements. We source for MRO management programs designed by experts with the aim of better product safety and proper mechanical component maintenance. Manufacturing Facilities are steadily crowding with more equipment and there is huge pressure on maintenance staff to keep production facilities running without any interruption. MRO helps your workers to increase uptime and reliability at a lower cost by allowing them to predict and prevent equipment failure. Heavy equipment such as cranes, bulldozers, loaders, draglines etc. have different maintenance requirements and we are equipped to cater for all.

Industrial Safety Products & Equipment: CWBG has the ability to provide almost every major occupational industrial safety product such as Safety Glasses, Hearing Protection, Respirators and Face Masks, Face Shield, Searchlights, Fall arresters, Personal Protective Equipment, Protective hood, etc. We select the best suppliers in the industry and provide our clients with genuine high-quality products at the most competitive price. Any workplace injury causes immeasurable suffering. Companies that put safety first turn out higher quality products. In some cases, that’s because a safe workplace tends to be a more efficient one, free of debris and tangles of cords. Industrial workers are exposed to various risks in the workplace. Hence each one of them should be provided with the required tools and equipment to ensure their safety at the workplace. The requirement differs from industry to industry and we are equipped to serve you with exactly what you need.

Drilling Equipment And Spare Parts:  We are specialists in supplying the best drilling equipment, which has earned the reputation of erecting the best drilling rigs today. The OEM’s we work with are known for their sturdy dependability and low maintenance. Services provided by our team allows us to offer the best equipment for a wide range of drill rig models that satisfy a variety of needs, including auger drilling, wet rotary drilling, core drilling, and down-the-hole hammer drilling. Our clients also receive an unmatched service and support that you won’t find anywhere else.

Drilling equipment is widely used in oilfield supply stores in both land and offshore markets, for designing and forming the top of the line drill rigs, especially for the minerals drilling industries. Such Drill Rigs are working on every continent in the world and are mostly used for mineral exploration drilling, geothermal drilling, construction drilling, water well drilling etc.

For inquiries about our services and products or price list, please leave us a message and we will be in touch within 24 hours. Here

CWBG provides the right product, at the right time, for the right price. With the most comprehensive product offering of any other industrial supplier, we give our customers the best value at the best price.